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Advanced Freefall Program

The Advanced Freefall Program is a structured skydiving course that has been continuously developed since 1984. It is the most progressive and complete instructional program in the world. Although there are different training programs being used around the world, AFP instructs where other programs end short. AFP has inspired USPA's requirements for self-supervision thus producing more competent and confident skydiving students. AFP gradutates have excelled in all aspects of the sport. Ronald Bell has perfected our program - now including your choice on the last 5 levels: intro to RW or intro to Freefly! 

AFP allows students to progress at their own rate in a supportive rather than stressful curriculum. This style of teaching caters to students of all ability levels by providing individualized attention. The AFP supervised environment enables each student to demonstrate sufficient and competent skills for equipment inspection, freefall, and canopy flight throughout the 18 level program. 

Sounds good, but how does it compare to the AFF program? To read Joe's impassioned comparison, click: here.

After students complete 2 tandem jumps, they move on to the AFP solo jumps:

Westside Skydivers Advanced Freefall Program


Level Deploy ALT Jump
Tandem Lvl1-A 6000FT Intro to freefall and body position & assisted pull
Tandem Lvl 2-A 6000FT Exit, practice handle touches (PHT), altitude awareness, body position, turns, solo pull

Transition Ground Class
Level Deploy ALT Jump Exit
AFP Lvl1-B 5500 FT Intro to solo freefall team poised
AFP Lvl2-B 5500 FT Counter turns team poised
AFP Lvl3-C 5500 FT Release dive – heading control team poised
AFP Lvl4-C 5000 FT Solo flight & pull team or solo poised
AFP Lvl5-D 5000 FT Upper body turns solo poised
AFP Lvl6-D 4500 FT Turns to forward movement & dock solo poised
AFP Lvl7-E 4500 FT Barrel rolls assisted backdown
AFP Lvl8-E 4000 FT Back-loops & front loops unassisted backdown
AFP Lvl 9-F 5000 FT Tracking Dive diving
AFP Lvl 10-F 3500 FT Lower Body Turns (center point turns) floater position
AFP Lvl 11-F 4000 FT Forward, backsliding, & docking front float position

Remaining dives: student will break off at 5000FT track to 4000FT – pull at 3500 FT
Level Deploy ALT Jump Exit
AFP Lvl 12-G 3500 FT Fall Rate open accordion
AFP Lvl 13-G 3500 FT Accordion arom docks & side bodies compressed accordion
AFP Lvl 14-G 3500 FT Tracking Dive swoop & dock
AFP Lvl 15-H 3500 FT Challenge dive swoop & dock
AFP Lvl 16-H 3500 FT 5000' Hop n Pop team poised
AFP Lvl 17-H 3500 FT 3500' Hop n Pop team poised
AFP Lvl 18-H 3500 FT Graduation Dive student choice

Jumps 20-25: Student may now choose a discipline: Intro to RW, or Intro to Freefly, or solo