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    Skydive The Lakes

    Your choice of altitude: 14K, 18K or 24K feet!

    formerly Westside Skydivers

Minneapolis, MN

M-F 10am to Sunset
Sat-Sun 8am to Sunset

season starts April 11, 2015

3234 230th Street, Winsted, MN 55395

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With beautiful views of Winsted Lake and Lake Minnetonka your skydiving experience is sure to be, by far, the most picturesque skydive in the state of MN and western WI. We are located just 40 miles from Minneapolis and just 30 miles from the western suburbs. Our aircraft is a Supervan 900 - with a competition size door, carrying 21 jumpers to altitude - so jump with more of your friends! Our clubhouse can be rented for large groups.

Camping is now also available for licensed jumpers and AFP students!

The Westside Difference

  • Now Offering Tandem Jumps from 14,000, 18,000, and 24,000 Feet!
  • Breathtaking View of the Land of 10,000 Lakes!
  • Jumps Starting From Just $199 (Second Jump as low as $100!)
  • Ask us about our Package Deals/Discounts
  • Large Groups, Fun Jumpers, & Spectators Welcome!
  • Female Instructors!


  • Tandem

    Starting at $199

    • $199 Weekdays 14,000 ft
    • $219 Weekends 14,000 ft
    • $319 18,000 ft
    • $999 24,000 ft
    • Customer Loyalty Program Jumped with us before? Bring in your logbook & get $50 off your skydive, anytime!
    • $100-$125 Your 2nd Skydive
  • Fun Jumpers

    • $14 Hop & Pop
    • $23 14,000 ft
    • $43 18,000 ft
    • $123 24,000 ft
    • All licensed jumpers welcome. Non licensed jumpers may need a transition class and a currency evaluation jump (see below). Call if you're unsure.
    • Buy 100 jumps and save 10%. Note that this may be split with up to 5 jumpers - GREAT way for teams to save some $$$
  • AFP

    • When one jump isn't enough!
    • Want to get a license?
    • AFP First Jump Courses are offered each Tuesday & Thursday at 10 am, and Saturdays at 8:30. You MUST make a reservation to be in a course.

    Why choose AFP? Read our comparison of AFF vs AFP by clicking .

    We taught the AFF program for a decade and saw many students getting lost by the wayside. After they finished their student jumps, they just didn't know what to do. At Westside, we don't leave students hanging.

    The Advanced Freefall Program (AFP) was developed at Skydive Chicago (one of the most successful drop zones in the country). AFP has been adopted by the elite drop zones in the country; those seeking to promote the progression of the sport. And that's why Westside Skydivers adopted its own version of this rapidly growing program on day one. The famous Ronald Bell has been working with our program over the past 2 years, and has tweaked it to be EVEN better! You can be sure when you complete your training at Westside, you will feel part of this elite family. When you compare AFF to AFP side by side, the winner is clear. Since the best decision is an informed one, let's look at the facts:


    Ground School Jump Category A - $275
    Category B - $160
    Category C - $160
    Category D1\D2 - $125 each
    Category E1\E2 - $125 each

    For these 7 jumps (providing you don't have to repeat any, which is rare) you are at $1095. Then you are required to do a minimum of 4 jumps with a coach: $100 x 4 = $400. So now you're around $1500. You need 25 jumps to get your 'A' license. You should jump with a coach until you get that license. Jumps with a coach on those remaining jumps: $~75 x 14 = $1050. Or you could just do the remaining jumps by yourself (not learning anything): $~25 x 14 (gear rental per jump) + $23 (avg. fun jump price) = $672.

    So an A license via AFF ranges in price from $2167 to $2545 plus tax if applicable. And that's if you didn't have to repeat any jumps, and it doesn't include ANY video.

    AFP (prerequisite 2 tandems)

    Ground School $60
    AFP Jumps 1-15 $150 each 

    Levels 16 - 17 $95 each (lower altitude)

    Graduation Jump - FREE

    Jumps 19-23 - $50 (solo w gear rental) 

    or $75 for coach jumps (intro to freefly or rw)

    Then you get to CHOOSE your focus - NO OTHER CENTER OFFERS THIS: your remaining jumps (19-25) focus on RW or FREEFLY
    Total cost is $2750 (last 5 jumps solo)-$2875 (last 5 jumps w coaching) (note we don't have to pay sales tax in MN). This works out to around $100/jump for 25 jumps & an A license.
    And at Westside:

    • Pay as you go, or prepay ($2500) for the entire package upfront and you save up to $375!
    • We record jumps 1-17 on video because it's the best learning tool to show your progression
    • AFP jumps are single jumpmaster jumps. 
    • AFP package includes 25 skydives with instruction *USPA membership & packing class separate*
    • Get licensed in as little as ONE week, or do it over the course of a summer 

    Yes, AFP requires 2 tandem jumps (they count toward your license), but if you're serious about your jump career, you will understand why. The 1st tandem gets any fear out of the way and adjusts you to the experience. This will also help build on your background knowledge before taking the ground class. The 2nd tandem teaches you dive flow, turns, and canopy control. You are not just being sent out blind - confidence is the KEY to success in skydiving!

    AFP ground class takes 4-5 hours, then we will jump weather permitting, so plan to spend the entire day with us. Topics in class to name a few: introductions to instructors, students, facilities, safety, malfunctions, and gear care & use. The first few jumps you do with the instructor holding on in freefall, and then we walk you down on radio - each jump builds off the last. You must make 1 jump every 30 days on student status to keep current.

    If you are looking only to make one solo jump, then this program is not for you. I believe in the experience. I want to generate the best skydivers out there. I want you to know your limits and then exceed them. Come feel the difference!


You must be at least 18 years of age and weigh less than 260 pounds to skydive. Tandem skydivers weighing over 240 pounds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. And, no, parents and guardians CANNOT sign for anyone under 18 in U.S. It's the law.


At Westside Skydivers, we love what we do and we do it well! So much so, that we were the FIRST skydiving center to franchise in the United States. Westside believes in branding and will be the first to have national recognition. We have perfected our efficiency - boasting some of the best wait times in the area & the best customer service to boot!

We are the only skydiving center in the country to offer our customers a choice in altitude! We are home of the high altitude tandem - offering jumps from 13K, 18K, and for the extremist - 24K! You will get to wear an altimeter and deploy the parachute on each and every skydive! It takes as little as 15 minutes of training from our highly experienced USPA instructors and you will be on your way in our Cessna Caravan or Supervan 900! This airplane is equipped with oxygen all the time and carries 15-21 people to altitude with a competition size door - jump with more of your friends in comfort!

Both of our facilities will offer the Accelerated Freefall Program - the most progressive program in the world! It instructs where other programs fall short. AFP has inspired USPA's requirements for self-supervision thus producing more competent and confident skydivers. AFP allows you, the student, to progress at your own rate in a supportive rather than stressful environment by providing individualized attention. Through this 18 level program you also learn equipment inspection, freefall, canopy flight, and packing. Now we have also added choose your focus: RW or Freefly - giving students the option on levels 19-25 to choose. It's 25 jumps to an A license & jumping with all your new friends!

Know that whichever skydiving center you are jumping with - you are in good hands. From the very beginning to the very end - you will have a bright shining face to help you on your journey. Skydiving is something I have come to be so passionate about in the 15 years I have been in the sport, and I surround myself with people who do the same. In fact, we are employing several folks from the old Skydive Houston! This is a very powerful, life changing experience! You will feel that vibe from your first phone call - or first step onto the dropzone. Remember that we all started with one! You will leave here with an official logbook, tandem jump certificate, bumper sticker, and a free drink to a local watering hole! I invite everyone to come check us out!


Houston, TX

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri: 12-Sunset
Sat-Sun 8am to Sunset

Year Round Facility!

7180 FM 1458, Sealy, TX 77474

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Things are taking a bit longer than expected to build our brand new hangar and facilities, thanks to all the rain we have gotten - but they will be done by this spring! Don't worry!!! Our temporary home still has AC packing & flushing toilets & running water.

We are going to be operating at our home here at Gloster Aerodrome in Sealy, TX - just 45 minutes from downtown Houston - with our new 80 x 120 facility. We are open 7 days a week, year round.

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